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About Hindi Festival

“Language is a roadmap of a culture; it tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

With the aim of understanding, appreciating and respecting our culture, Global Hindi Foundation is organising The First International Hindi Festival. A gathering to celebrate and appreciate the excellence achieved under the banner of Hindi language and to inspire young minds to embrace its importance and relevance. Remembering 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi and keeping Mahatma Gandhi’s words as our driving force, we endeavour to “Being the change that we want to see in this world” and this Hindi Festival will be one of contributions towards the change that we want to see in the world and a step towards achieving our vision of making Hindi a global language.

With a plethora of events lined up for the attendees, including Book exhibitions, Hindi Excellence Summit and Global Hindi Prerna Competition and so on. We aim at capturing and communicating the essence of the festival, ensuring that each participant leaves with a food for thought and a heightened sense of respect and admiration towards our official language.

About Global Hindi Foundation

Global Hindi Foundation is a social Enterprise which aims to connect the youth and NRIs with their mother tongue, ensuring we take our language as a badge of honor and have great pride in it. We believe that Hindi has the potential to become a global language and we work towards making it relevant to the present as well as the upcoming generations.

Since 2016, with constant hard work and inputs from team of volunteers and consultants, we have been able to move forward in our goal to make Hindi a global language.

We welcome all like minded individuals to come forward and be a part of this inspiring and enlightening journey. We request you to give your valuable contribution in ensuring that our culture, our roots and language is kept safe and relevant our upcoming generations. Help us, keep our heritage intact for the future citizens of this global village.

International Hindi Festival

Hindi Excellence Summit

With eminent personalities gracing our panel of speakers, sharing their insights on the theme, “Relevance of Hindi as a skill for Modern Indians” witness a range of diverse thoughts and views revolving around the theme, enlightening and educating the audience to explore the relevancy that our official language has and how we can use it as an asset to stand out and prosper together as global citizens.

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Global Hindi Competition

Global Hindi Championship aims at enhancing and embracing the passion and respect for our language by including a story telling competition using innovative techniques in Hindi language on the theme, “Gandhi- Relevance in 21st century, Environment and stability or Innovation and Automation.” Winners will move over to the Finale which will be held in Singapore and stand a chance to win prizes and an internship with an award-winning movie director.
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Hindi Cultural Program

Poets are word wizards; with every word laced to hit a chord and to make someone ponder and introspect is the magical quality of a poet. With famous Hindi poets who have won hearts and hit minds with their mesmerising and thought provoking poetry, we believe that who better than a poet to show us the beauty of a language and its charm by using it the way they it is loved the best.

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Invited Speakers

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